World of Warcraft PvP

In World of Warcraft, the abbreviation PvP (abbreviation from English Player vs. Player-Player vs. Player) means a duel between each other:

Duel is a one-on-one battle, accept both opponents. Duels can take place in cities, so it is very possible to fight right at the often entrance to capitals ..
The battlefield of the Horde against the Alliance in a limited area of ​​the battle will receive 'Badges of Honor', used as currency for buying PvP items.
Arena - a competition, a championship in which fights take place in small arenas. Players fight in each team, and the enemy can be a team of either the opposite faction or a friendly team. Arena points are awarded, which are spent on purchasing .. PvP equipment.
Random PvP happens all over the place when representatives of opposite factions meet.
World tbc pvp matches for special PvP objects in the following table:
There are such objects in Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus In Outland, PvP objects are located in 4 points:. Hellfire Peninsula, Zangop, Terokkar Forest, Nagrand
PvP zones
Icegrain Lake is a special zone completely devoted to PvP battles.
PvP insignia
For defeating an enemy in some places in Outland, the player receives PvP insignia, such as the Badge of Honor, Seal of Thrallmar, Battle Badge of Halaa.

PvP rewards
In the original game, before patch 2.0, players spent a lot of time and effort to get PvP rank or to build reputation with the PvP faction.

Following the release of Burning Crusade, this system was replaced by a token system, where players exchange postage and honor points for PvP items regardless of rank or reputation level.

PvP worlds
The abbreviation for PvP also often refers to PvP worlds - special worlds.

Arena Points
There are three categories of arena teams: 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. A player can only be a member of one in each category. For example, you cannot be a member of two 2v2 teams, but you can be a member of one 2v2 team and one 3on3 team.

Arena points are awarded at the end of each week, and their number depends on your team's rating. The rating increases and decreases in accordance with the results of the games in which the team took part. In other words, victories increase the team's rating, and defeats (even if they were caused by a disconnection, leaving the arena, etc.) - lower it.

You must play at least 30% of the games in a team, of the total number of games played during the week, in order to receive arena points. For example, if you played three games and the team played 11 games this week, you will not receive points. Each time you receive points from only one team that earned the most points this week. Therefore, if your team achieved the greatest success in the 2on2 category, then you will receive points only from it (teams in other categories, at the same time, will not bring you points).

Fights in the arena do not bring any honor points or any PvP insignia.

Arena Points can be used to buy the best Epic PvP items.
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